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Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in posting the contents. I will try to post contents more regular. Let's start with today’s content

Let’s start with a simple question.

When I first started developing android apps a year back, I cared little about configuration changes (like Screen rotation, custom fonts in Android). For me, a simple solution to configuration changes like screen rotation was to lock the screen rotation. But when I interned in a company, I felt the locking screen is not a solution at all.

Let me give you a simple example,

Suppose you have an app that…

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Wait, you haven’t heard about CockroachDB yet? You are not to blame, I too came across this gem only recently. Better late than never. So as the name suggests, it is a database.

If you have some previous knowledge of database, you might wonder, “What kind of database is this, SQL or NoSQL?” This is neither of them. This is a special type of database called Distributed SQL. Hang on, let me reveal how this differs from its alternatives, and why should you try it for your next project.

Plain Old Databases

I wouldn’t bore you much with the history of databases, but…

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Hey everyone, I will start a blogging series on Android Jetpack Components trying to document my progress and also deliver a walkthrough with hands-on projects alongside. 🥇

In series 1 we will focus on the architecture components of Jetpack libraries. Let me start this series with the biggest question.

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At first instance, the term JSON may seem overwhelming. I can guaranty you it is absolutely no big deal and pretty easy to understand.

Starting with the definition…

Swastik Malakar

Before we jump in, let me explain why as a developer you need something like Git. Imagine you are Tom who is developing an app for a client and you are currently working on version 3.7 (which is stable) of the app.

  1. Now, you add a brilliant new future but your client doesn’t approve of it, rejected it, and said, “Tom, this is not something our company aims for”. So you deleted the code and continued with the project. But after a week the client calls you to say, “The idea that you showed last week was really good and…

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Suppose you are a budding Mobile App developer, and you have this awesome idea for building an app that will change the world. Wait a minute, it shouldn’t that easy after all, you have to keep certain things in your mind

  1. You have to buy and maintain sever online for 24/7(keep in mind you are a developer, building your custom server is a lot of pain for a front end developer. )
  2. Create and Manage Databases
  3. Attend to all service calls and all the maintenance protocols
  4. And when the number of clients for your service, the number of servers have…

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So you want to be an Android Developer? That’s great. ‘Developer’ seems to be a high-profile term but according to me, it is the perfect combination of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. All you need is some basic knowledge. Let me help you get things started. The most important thing you should know is that it’s not a bug, it’s a feature…

First off, some FAQs that budding developers have. These, of course, are my opinions, based on my experience.

Why Is Android Application Development Your Best Option?

Cache memory(read as “cash” and not “ache”) holds frequently used instructions/data which the processor may require next and it is faster access memory than RAM, since it is on the same chip as the processor. Cache Memory is a special very high-speed memory. It is used to speed up and synchronizing with high-speed CPU. It lies in the path between the processor and the memory. The cache memory therefore, has lesser access time than memory and is faster than the main memory .

It acts as a high speed buffer between CPU and main memory and is used to temporary…

First of all, you need to know about what is the term addressing? Okay, addressing is referred to as how the operand of an instruction is specified. So, you don’t know what instructions are….

Instructions are a segment of code containing steps that need to be executed by the processor. It can be divided into three parts:(a)Addressing mode, we will define it later, for now, keep in mind its size is 1 bit. (b)The opcode is the portion of an instruction that specifies the operation to be performed. ©The operand is the one on which the operations are performed, it…

First of all you need to know what is CPU? It is not what you were taught at school there is so much to it. For this you have to get a proper idea for the architecture of the CPU and its components , here we are going to talk about Von Neumann architecture.

There are two types of computers: (a)Fixed Program Computers are those that have limited number of specific functions and can’t be reprogrammed. Ex, calculator.(b)Stored Program Computers, these are those that can be programmed to perform multiple task and have a memory unit attached to it. The…

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